Membership Categories

To be eligible for a Concession membership you must hold a current government-issued Seniors Card, Pensioner Concession Card, Full-time Student Card or Veteran’s Gold Card and be valid for the season which you purchase.

Please note Concession prices are only available for Ticketed memberships.

A Family of 2 package consists of one adult and one junior membership (junior member must be 16 years of age or under at the time of purchase). The Family of 2 Adult and Family of 2 Junior must be purchased together and cannot be sold separately.

Yes, Ticketed Members who hold a valid Companion Card may apply for a second membership to accommodate their companion to attend games with them at no extra charge. Companion Cards do not apply to Non-Ticketed memberships.

To apply for a Companion membership, please contact the Dolphins Membership Team by emailing [email protected] or calling 1300 744 678 (1300 PHINS UP). A copy of the companion card, including companion card number and expiry date, must be provided.

Companion Card memberships entitle the companion card holder to a complimentary companion ticket equal to the purchased membership. The companion ticket will be a seat only, cannot be upgraded and will not attract any membership benefits.

The Companion Card membership will be issued in the name of the card holder unless otherwise agreed with the Club. Companion Card Memberships can only be utilised by the Companion Card holder’s carer, whilst in the company of the Companion Card holder.

Our Phinatics membership (or Flippers and Baby Flippers Membership depending on your age) is the best membership for members wishing to support the Club from afar. These memberships are non-ticketed and you will receive a merchandise pack to proudly represent our great club in your home state or country.

Baby Flipper Memberships are for children aged from newborn to 3 years, while Flipper Memberships are for children under the age of 16. Both packages include some basic items of merchandise.