Membership Categories

The Dolphins are expected to split their 2023 home games between three venues: Suncorp Stadium; Moreton Daily Stadium and Sunshine Coast Stadium. While the major blockbusters will be at the larger venue of Suncorp Stadium, the exact breakdown on the number of matches at each venue will be released later this year.

Generally the NRL sets and announces the competition draw late in the preceding year. Therefore, it is expected the 2023 draw is likely to be announced somewhere close to November 2022.

The Dolphins currently have a premium foundation membership known as the Glass House Club membership, which includes full season tickets to all 12 home grounds for the inaugural 2023 season. There are also 2022 non-ticketed memberships available at a much lower price point the First-In Phinatic Memberships for adults, Flippers Membership for juniors, and Baby Flippers Membership for very young children.

Yes, the Glasshouse Club membership will include premium tickets to all 12 home games in 2023 across all three home game venues. No waiting, no line-ups for tickets next year - Glasshouse Club memberships holders automatically have their seats at all home games secured for next year.

The Glass House Club foundation membership is your chance to be a part of history. Limited to just 1,000 members, the Glass House Club will include an exclusive range of memorabilia to celebrate the Dolphins launch as a NRL team for 2023. This will include a limited-edition Foundation Medallion that will be a part of our club's history and a premium ticket to all 12 of the Dolphins home games in 2023, across all three venues. Due to limited grandstand seating across the venues, the Glasshouse Foundation Membership will be the only membership category that will include seating at all venues for all 12 games. All Foundation Glass House Members will also be acknowledged with an exclusive plaque at the entrance to Dolphin stadium.

When you sign up for your membership, you will be allocated a 6-digit Account ID. This will be your unique identifier for your membership account. If you sign up as a family or group on the same account, all members on the account will share the same Account ID.

In addition to your Account ID, all Glass House Club members will receive a Foundation Member Number between 1 and 1,000. Glass House Club Members on the same account, will be assigned consecutive, individual Foundation Member Numbers.

Foundation Member Numbers will be assigned to members in order of receipt. Selected member numbers will be reserved for Club and Community purposes with more details to come at a later date.

Family or group members on the same account will be allocated consecutive members numbers. Family or group members on separate accounts cannot be guaranteed consecutive member numbers.

Please note, we will not be in a position to confirm membership numbers until just prior to printing membership cards. Membership applications need to be reviewed thoroughly to ensure there are no processing errors (eg. duplicate purchases, invalid applications, incorrect names) prior to assigning foundation numbers.

Glass House Club members will be invited to select their Category 1 seats prior to 2023 Ticketed Memberships going on sale. More information on available seating, seat configuration, lodging specific seat requests and organizing seating with other Glass House Club members will become available closer to the time of 2023 sale.

The First-In Phinatics adult memberships will include some merchandise. Importantly, it will also include a priority window to purchase season tickets for the 2023 season.

Yes, First-In Phinatics members will be given priority access to purchasing all levels of season membership when they become available later this year.

No, the only membership that includes game access in 2023 is The Glass House Club. First-In Phinatics, Flipper and Baby Flipper memberships are a non-ticketed membership option for 2022. First-In Phinatics Members will be given priority access to buy ticketed memberships when they go on sale for the 2023 season later this year.

When you sign up for your membership, you will be allocated a 6-digit Account ID. This will be your unique identifier for your membership account. This will also double as your member number. If you sign up as a family or group on the same account, all members on the account will share the same member number.

Baby Flipper Memberships are for children aged from newborn to 3 years, while Flipper Memberships are for children under the age of 16. Both packages include some basic items of merchandise.

Our First-In Phinatics membership (or Flipper and Baby Flipper Membership depending on your age) is the best membership for members wishing to support the Club from afar. These memberships are non-ticketed and you will receive a merchandise pack to proudly represent our great club in your home state or country. Once our 2023 range of memberships launch, there will be a broader range of non-ticketed and partial season membership options available to customise your Dolphins experience to your personal circumstance.

The full range of Dolphins 2023 Season Membership Packages are expected to on sale in August this year. First-In Phinatic Membership holders will gain a priority window on the purchase of these 2023 season tickets.

Yes - Members will be able to tailor their experience to include tickets to games at just one venue, two venues, or purchase a full season membership to attend home games at all three venues.