Our Home Grounds

A unique feature of becoming a member of the Dolphins is the choice we will offer by hosting home games across three separate venues including Kayo Stadium, located in Redcliffe, Suncorp Stadium in the Brisbane CBD, and the Sunshine Coast Stadium at Kawana.

This will be reflected in our membership program, with a combination of options to suit our members.

These will range from offering access to all 12 games across all three venues for our die-hard fans who don't want to miss a minute of live action, through to single-game memberships that will highlight when we play our first-ever NRL game; or perhaps feature the showcase matches against our Queensland rivals such as the Broncos, Cowboys and Titans.

Suncorp Stadium

The Dolphins' principal stadium will be Queensland's own 'Cauldron' - Suncorp Stadium - with the majority of the twelve home games including all blockbuster and Queensland derby fixtures to be played out of the venue.

It is expected the remaining home games will be divided, with matches to be played at the Dolphins' spiritual home of Kayo Stadium, and the new and exciting Sunshine Coast Stadium to also host games.

This will give Dolphins' supporters the opportunity to be part of the game day experience across a large area, that extends from Brisbane through one of the fastest-growing corridors in Australia to the north of the city and the Sunshine Coast; a region that is currently untapped by most major Australian sports.

This mix of games will be in keeping with the Australian Rugby League Commission's strategy to bring the game of rugby league back to the suburbs and regions and to ignite the tribalism that defines our game.

Moreton Daily Stadium

One of the central pillars of our successful bid for inclusion into the NRL was our commitment to growing rugby league across Queensland. The Sunshine Coast and Moreton Bay Region markets collectively are key growth markets for the game that are currently without national level representation in the NRL.

In 2023, with the establishment of the Dolphins in the NRL competition, this will change.

Importantly, Kayo Stadium and Sunshine Coast Stadium have successfully hosted more than 20 national-level rugby league matches over the last decade, largely to sell-out crowds.

Sunshine Coast Stadium

This has included undergoing major upgrades to ensure that the venues meet and exceed the NRL's Standard Venue Requirements. Add to this the position of a key tenant at Suncorp Stadium ' renowned as the best rugby league stadium on the planet - and Dolphins' members are going to be spoilt for choice.

The game of rugby league is built on local passion and tribalism and the Dolphins' mix of home grounds will bridge the divide between the box-office fan experience offered at major stadiums and the local experience of smaller, boutique venues that are packed out for every game.

Just imagine being able to say you were part of the lucky few to experience the intensity of our first games at all three of our home bases in the NRL in 2023.